5 Health Benefits of Orange Juice

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Orange is one power packed fruit with the goodness of many vitamins and minerals. Orange juice is also good for the body, as it is fortified with vitamin C. Vitamin C prevents cold and flu condition and improves the resistance power of the body. Listed below are some other health benefits of orange juice, read on.

1. It has to reduce joint pain

Orange juice is rich in flavonoids like hesperidin and naringenin, which have anti inflammatory properties. The flavonoids help to ease the pain in the body. A glass of orange juice may help women who suffer from the condition of arthritis. It also helps to ease joint related pains in the body.

2. It helps prevent cancer

Natural orange juice has a compound known as limonene. This may help to prevent various types of cancers in the body. A recent research proved that orange juice is effective in preventing lung, breast and skin cancer. It must be included in the daily diet.

3. It helps in weight loss

A glass of orange juice is actually effective for weight loss. As it is full of antioxidants, it promotes healthy weight loss in the body. Orange juice can help to reduce those extra pounds in the body if consumed on a daily basis.

4. It helps to fight anemia

A glass of orange juice can benefit the condition of anemia. As orange juice is rich in vitamin C content, it helps to promote the good absorption of iron in the blood. That in turn is effective to increase the hemoglobin level of the body. Intake of orange juice can help to fight anemia.

5. It helps in digestion

Orange juice is effective for digestion. Orange juice can aid the normal digestion of the body. This helps to prevent the problem of chronic constipation. It also helps to prevent stomach ulcers in the body. It stimulates the normal digestion process.

6. It helps to prevent kidney stones

Orange juice has natural citrate, which helps to reduce the urine acidity in the body. Excess acidic problems cause kidney diseases and kidney stones. Orange juice prevents those problems. Vitamin C content in orange juice is excellent for overall digestion of the body.

7. It reduces the risk of heart diseases

As orange juice is rich in hesperidin, a compound that helps to protect clogged arteries, it benefits the heart health. A glass of orange juice taken on a daily basis can help to lower the risk of heart ailments in the body.

8. It helps to maintain the normal blood pressure level

Apart from vitamin C, orange juice is also rich in magnesium. This helps to lower the high blood pressure level of the body. Drink a glass of orange juice every alternate day to maintain the right blood pressure level of the body. It also helps to prevent the problem of blood clots in the body.

9. It helps to maintain young skin

Orange juice is rich in antioxidants, which help to maintain a younger looking skin. The vitamin C content in orange juice helps to prevent acne and pimples on the skin, thus keeping the skin clear and radiant.

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