5 Benefits of Doing Yoga During Pregnancy

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Yoga can be a lot of things and it definitely isn’t the latest celebrity fad alone. It is a breathing and meditating technique that brings you calm and a feeling of oneness with nature and your inner self. It is a form of exercise that makes your body fit, athletic and flexible at the same time. The good thing about yoga is that since it isn’t really strenuous anyone can do it. Kids, you and older people can do it with so much ease and it can be something that is recommended for everyone, including expectant mothers. Pre natal yoga or yoga during pregnancy is a great way to calm yourself and bring your nerves to an order. Here are some reasons and benefits for practicing yoga during your pregnancy and reading it, you might be tempted to start yoga soon.

1. It makes you calm and collected

Pregnancy can be an anxious time for anyone. Your hormones will go haywire, your body will go through a lot of changes and life will be miserable not only for you but also to those around you. The best way to deal with this body and emotional anxiety is to do a bit of yoga every day. Yoga lets you take time off for yourself, connect within you and calms your frayed nerves. You will also be not very susceptible to pregnancy cravings and tantrums.

2. It strengthens your body

If you had been exercising ardently and was advised to stop exercising so much during pregnancy, yoga could be a good substitute. Yoga does not involve any jumping or sudden movements and when done correctly will give you the same benefits, if not more of a regular exercise. You will also keep a check on your weight fluctuations this way. There is a lso less chances of you missing out on your regular exercise regime.

3. It helps you connect with your baby

There are different types of yoga and not all of them involve stretching your body at unnatural angles. A lot of yoga is about concentrating on your breathing and regulate it so you would be more in tune with your body. When you concentrate hard on your breathing, you will also connect more with the baby inside and can feel the baby very intimately. This is a sensation that you will cherish for a very long time.

4. It is very good for the health of the fetus as well

When you are free of anxieties and other problems and have a relaxed pregnancy, it bodes well for the fetus as well. There are no jarring changes in your body that may affect the baby in the longer run. Practicing pre natal yoga can do big favors for your unborn kid. Just remember not to over stress yourself and find the best kind of yoga to do while you are pregnant.

5. It increases blood circulation in your body and strengthens your lower back, arms and legs.

An increased blood circulation is always good for your body and more so when you are pregnant. Prenatal yoga also strengthens and makes flexible the muscles needed for a smooth and safe delivery.

There are just so many benefits of practicing yoga when you are pregnant. Just ensure that you learn it from a practiced teacher and that you do not overdo it.

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