12 Ways to Know If You Love Your Boyfriend Unconditionally

Date:28-04-2014 14:40:05 read:0

Do you love your boyfriend selflessly? Is your love unconditional or selfish? Here are some quick ways to know if you love your boyfriend unconditionally.

1. Your top most priority is your boyfriend

When you truly and deeply love someone, what he likes is of great priority to you. Most times, you find yourself attaching more priority to his likes over yours.

2. You go out of the way for him

You go out of the way to accommodate his desires and adjust your lifestyle and routine in a way that makes him happy.

3. You know when to let go

You are seldom narcissistic and know the true meaning of giving and letting go.

4. You love your boyfriend for what he is

You love your boyfriend regardless of what kind of person he is. This does not mean that you will even take an abusive relationship. It simply indicates that although there may be a few traits you don’t necessarily approve in him, your love for him far exceeds your disapproval of those traits.

5. Your love knows no boundaries

If your love for him knows no boundaries and you know in your heart that your love cannot fail or change, you should know your love for your boyfriend is unconditional.

6. You accept his behavior as it is

When your love for your boyfriend is not dependent upon what he does for you, your love is unconditional.

7. You do not judge him

You are least judgmental about your boyfriend and do not misjudge his actions or responses.

8. You get defensive about him

You get defensive about him when someone has something negative or ill to say about him. You become furious and attempt to prove it wrong by all means.

9. You expect nothing from him

People are usually conditioned to give love only when every word or act of theirs is reciprocated. But love to your boyfriend becomes unconditional when you expect nothing in return for all that you do for your boyfriend. And more importantly, you are happy to do it and have no hidden agenda, besides pristine love.

10. You forgive him easily

Forgiving someone is not an easy task. People often find it difficult to forgive or forget even the simplest of mistakes but when you love someone unconditionally, forgiving comes very easily to you. Any mistake, regardless of its intensity, does not deter or alter your perception of that person. If your love for your boyfriend is of that kind, then your love is truly unconditional.

11. You don’t get affected by his physical attributes

His physical attributes do not matter to you. If you have begun to love someone, then changes in his appearance do not really matter to you. His hair may have started to grey, hair line may recede, he may wear glasses or even gain fat in the wrong areas but these don’t influence the way you love him or look at him.

12. Your love for him grows with time

Unconditional love can only grow fonder with time. Like the way a mom loves her children, unconditional love can exist between any two people and there is no exception to the rule.

Go on and love your boyfriend unconditionally. You will soon realize that you have begun to love yourself more. That is the power of unconditional love.

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