Mum's kitchen-made drink to be sold across the country

Date:01-05-2014 07:58:04 read:0

Mum's kitchen-made drink to be sold across the country

A loving mother who set out to make her daughter a low-sugar drink is now selling her recipes nationwide

Clippy McKenna and her daughter Rosie Gorman, aged five, pouring their cordial. Photo: PA

A mother who spent years in her kitchen creating a low-sugar drink for her daughter is now to see her beverage hit supermarkets across the UK.

Clippy McKenna and her partner Paul Gorman decided to concoct a cordial for their five year-old daughter Rosie after growing alarmed at the number of drinks full of sugar and additives on the market.

Earlier this month the Telegraph revealed that some fruit juices and smoothies contain four times the amount of sugar the World Health Organisation recommends an average person should consume in a day.

A survey of 50 products from supermarkets, coffee shops and food outlets found that more than half the drinks contained at least six teaspoons of sugar, which is the recommended daily limit.

Determined to mix a healthy alternative, Clippy, 40, began scouring her kitchen cupboards for ingredients and inventing different recipes.

She said: ''I had my daughter Rosie five years ago, Of course at the beginning children just drink milk and water, but then she started to get to the stage where she wanted squash or juice.

''I knew that cordials have a lot of sugar, while squashes are full of additives. I couldn't find anything as an alternative.

''It is a huge concern for parents. For me, it is about trying to do something to tackle obesity. People are never going to give up the things they like, and I would never say they should.

''I am all up for having a pizza on a Friday night, but if I can do something to help a family reduce their sugar intake by 37 per cent then I have been able to help do something good.

''I didn't want to just make it for myself and give it to Rosie - I wanted everyone else to taste it.''

Clippy had already put her culinary skills to the test on the TV show Masterchef where she competed against Wahaca founder Thomasina Miers, who won the competition.

Inspired by her foray into the kitchen, in 2008 she persuaded her partner Paul to leave his well-paid job as a supply chain consultant and launched a successful line of low-sugar jams.

In 2011 she decided to launch a range of cordials and with the aid of her young kitchen helper Rosie fine-tuned her recipes.

Clippy said: ''We had to try all our recipes out on Rosie, it doesn't get anywhere otherwise.

''When I started out she would say 'Oh mummy I don't like it'. We would give her the drink while she was doing something else - I didn't want her to wear a white coat and hair net like I had to.

''Once I got the recipe I liked I tried it out on Rosie, and the neighbours kids, and it proved a hit.

''And now the cordials have gone from being a recipe I was trying out in the kitchen of our semi-detached house to being in supermarkets up and down the country.

''It is a weird feeling - but great.''

The couple, who run their booming business from their tiny spare room at their home in Sale, Manchester, decided to use the plant-based sweetener stevia to slash the drink's sugar content.

Their drinks, sold as Clippy's Cordials, contain 37 per cent less sugar, 37 per cent fewer calories than other cordials and have no artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavourings.

They have now hit shelves in 220 Tesco stores across the UK.

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