7 Awesome Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life; it is the second phase of life for a woman. It should also be announced in an awesome way. If you just got the news about being pregnant, how will you tell everyone? Well, be little creative this time, so that you feel happy and the world celebrates with you. Listed below are some awesome ways to announce your pregnancy.

1. Make use of technology

If you use mails and chat apps to stay connected with your friends and family, then make use of those apps. Click a picture of your test report or pregnancy test kit and send it across to all your friends and family members. They will be surprised in the beginning, but after a while your inbox and messenger would be flooded with congratulatory messages.

2. Bake some cookies

How about baking some cookies and cakes to announce the arrival of your little one? Make lots of cookies and write ‘I am Pregnant’ on those cookies. Deliver the cookies to all your friends and family. When they will open the basket, they will be taken by surprise and excitement.

3. Say it with flowers

Flowers are the best way to express your happiness. Order some personalized flower bouquets and send it across to all your friends and relatives. Do not forget to add a special note which would read ‘I am happy because I am pregnant.’ Get ready to receive lots of congratulatory messages and calls.

4. Gift a teddy with a note

A teddy is cute as cute as a baby. So order some teddies for all your friends and family members. Write a special note on the teddy which would read ‘I am pregnant and the baby is due on….’ When your loved ones will receive the teddy, they would instantly call you up to share their happiness as well.

5. Send a personalized message on Facebook

If you share everything on Facebook or any other social networking site, then share your good news as well. While posting your status, use some witty phrases like ‘pea in the pod’ or ‘bun in the oven set time for Jan’. When your friends will decode your status, they will be surprised. Get ready to receive lots of likes and super congratulatory comments.

6. Send fake movie posters

If you are in a mood for some fun, then do announce your pregnancy news with the help of fake movie posters like a child standing with a signboard ‘sibling rivalry coming very soon.’ Send these personalized fake movie posters to all your loved ones and friends. They will feel elated to learn about your pregnancy in such a fun way. Do not forget to mention the date!

7. Send simple cards

Just write a sweet poem or a note on the card and send it to all your friends and relatives. The headline of the card should read ‘coming soon.’ Write all the details if you intend to keep it simple. This is a great way to announce your pregnancy to all your loved ones. Receive some wonderful messages after you divulge the details of your pregnancy.

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