10 Things Our Moms Teach Us About Life

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A mother is always a child’s first teacher. The very fundamental but lasting things in life are taught to us by our mothers. While there are a million life lessons that every mother teaches her child, here are some for you to think about yet again.

1. Independence

As a woman, it is an important need to live and think independently. As much as your mother can pamper and tend to your requirements, she will reiterate time and again the importance of independence. As you grow up to be a strong and bold woman, you know whom to give the credits for.

2. Health comes first

While most assets in life can be earned, health is not something you can invest in after you’ve lost it. And your mother is the first soul to have taught life’s important lesson. Investing in health from the earliest days possible is what she has done for you and emphasizes you take over the legacy from her.

3. The importance of family

Moms are the fundamental blocks behind the well-being of every family. Whether she says that or not, her actions and words are more than best examples to tell you that her family comes first. Every mother teaches her children that families hold a special place in everyone’s life and must never be neglected regardless of the heights you’ve reached.

4. The power of giving

Your mom has always shown you the magic and power of giving. When you give, you make the receiver happy. A genuine smile is the hardest to see. And the satisfaction you receive, when you know you are the reason behind that smile, cannot be expressed. Giving is almost always learnt from a mother.

5. Never let go off passion

Have you always seen your mom sporting a warm smile every time she does something for you or her family or friends? That smile emerges from passion. It could even be simple things like baking or helping you into a dress or accompanying you to the park or school. Passion is the fuel to life. And when you lose it, you lose the hope and need to go on.

6. Lend a helping hand

Many times you may have seen your mom by your side to help you in some way when you are feeling down. She simply senses your need even when you don’t say a word. Most people are afraid to seek help. Your mom has taught you to lend a helping hand every time you think someone may need one.

7. Life is to learn

Your mom always insisted you to look at life as a process of learning. She sowed the conviction in you that there is nothing you cannot do or learn. It takes efforts but you have the potential to prove to others and yourself.

8. Put anger and revenge away

Your mother may have been the first soul to tell you that anger and revenge are two things you should keep away from your life. She has told you time and again to find a way to let go off the hurt and anger for these are things that can deviate you from taking concrete steps ahead.

9. The definition of beauty

Your mother is always the only soul who considers you the most beautiful person on earth every time. As you grow, you begin to realize beauty is not just about looks but love for the person that radiates from within – a lesson well taught by every mother.

10. The importance of being grateful

Acts of kindness are hard to find. And when you see them, it is important to recognize and be grateful to that person. Your mom has taught you a lesson you must follow all through your life to truly succeed.

Moms are epitomes of selfless and unconditional love. She has given you her all and all she wants to see is a happy you. Make her feel special every day for she is the only one of her kind for you.

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