6 Tips to Help You Stay Vegan

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A vegan diet consists of food that has no animal derivatives. Strict vegans also adhere to the practice of not using animal products or animal derived products in their lives and do not restrict these to just food. They also do not drink milk, eat cheese or use leather products. Veganism is more a philosophy that is against making sentient animals a commodity. It is also different from being a vegetarian. Although a lot of people are embracing vegan living, it is always not so easy to stay a vegan or travel when you are a vegan. It is difficult to find vegan friendly foods in the restaurants or markets. There is not only the danger of succumbing to temptation but also the danger of being forced to eat non vegan food when you cannot get hold of it. Here are some tips to help you stay vegan.

1. Try not eating out so much and if you do have to eat out, do a little research and find out places that serve vegan food

Not eating out much is not only good for your wallet but it is also good for your health. But at times you just cannot help it and in these cases do a little research and find restaurants that serve vegan food.

2. Try and pack food when you are travelling long distances in the car

When you have to drive for long or when you are on a road trip, you will make pit stops to eat. You cannot always know where you would get vegan food. Hence it is good that you pack your food for how many ever days you are going to travel.

3. Embrace the vegan philosophy and believe in it

Do not become a vegan as a fad or because you want to be like your partner. When you become a vegan you must embrace the philosophy and also believe in it. Believe ardently in it will definitely help you stay vegan.

4. Learn more about the vegan diet

It is important to know that being vegan is different from being vegetarian and you need to know what forms a vegan diet. Talk to your vegan friends. Also there are a lot of vegan communities online that you can refer to.

5. When in doubt or tempted, think of all the poor animals and the torture they go through before they end up as food on your table

The very picture of animals being grown in cages and in unnatural environment should be enough to put you off eating meat when you are tempted or have doubts about the whole concept of veganism.

6. A vegan diet can look pretty bland and boring if you do not learn how to make new dishes or cook interesting stuff

There is always a vegan substitute for meat and other animal products. Find them and try to cook something different and interesting every day so you do not get bored with eating the same stuff.

Being vegan is good for your health as well as the environment. Be vegan and do your best to stay vegan.

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