5 Home Remedies for Long Hair

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Long, silky and bouncy tresses are always beautiful. The healthier the hair, the more beautiful it looks. All girls have grown up with heavy doses of beautiful princesses with long, beautiful hair whisked away by their Prince Charming. So, if you are looking for safe yet effective ways for long hair, here are some proven home remedies.

1. Rosemary

Rosemary is not just a flavor enhancer in cooking, this herb has anti-oxidant properties to promote hair growth as well. The herb enables unclogging of blocked hair follicles, strengthens roots and cuts down dandruff. Sulfur and silica in rosemary reverses hair loss and also prevents growth of gray hair. There are two ways in which rosemary can be applied on hair. Mix two drops of rosemary essential oil with olive, coconut, jojoba or almond oil. Massage your scalp and leave for half an hour before washing your hair. Alternatively, boil rosemary sprigs for a few minutes. Let the water cool and use it as a final rinse every time you wash your hair.

2. Hot oil

It is a universally known fact that massage increases blood circulation and promotes growth of new skin cells. Using a medium like hot oil can further stimulate hair follicles and promote quicker growth of hair. Home-made oil massages are always ideal since you can be sure there are no chemicals added to the oils. Olive, almond, coconut or jojoba oils can be slightly warmed for this process. Rub the warm oils on different regions of your scalp and massage softly but firmly to stimulate hair growth.

3. Banana, egg, milk, honey

The market may be flooded with different brands of conditioners that all promise exotic results for your hair. They are expensive and undoubtedly filled with chemicals. In just a few minutes and a few simple ingredients, excellent conditioners can be made at home. Mix one mashed banana, one egg, 3 tablespoon milk, 3 tablespoon honey and apply on hair and scalp. Wait for 30 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo thereafter.

4. Egg whites

Egg whites can weave some magic to your hair. It has healing properties. It is an excellent conditioner and therefore replenishes hair and brings back softness to it. When you crack eggs, use the yolks for another occasion and save the eggs whites for your hair. This egg white mask can show you instant results as your hair shines its way to good health.

5. Aloe vera gel

There is a lot aloe vera can do and your hair is no exception to this easily accessible gel. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, aloe vera gel repairs hair damage. Apply and massage aloe vera gel on your scalp and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse off. Aloe vera is an essential ingredient in most hair care products. But its natural form is the most effective for hair growth.

Long hair is quite some maintenance and tougher to handle but all said and done, it is definitely gorgeous. There are so many styles you can try with beautiful long hair.

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