5 Tips to Eat Healthy While Traveling on a Holiday

Date:06-08-2014 04:53:22 read:0

When enjoying a vacation and travelling a lot, our healthy eating habits often take a back seat. In the process of wanting to try a lot of new cuisines and dishes, we end up compromising on our health. Fine, we don’t have a kitchen at our disposal when we are on vacation. And who wants to cook on a holiday anyway? But if you don’t want to return with ‘holiday fat’, then you need to consciously ensure that you are eating a healthy diet with only a little amount of cheating. Listed here are a few tips for you to eat healthy while travelling on a holiday.

1. Fill yourself up with good breakfast

Most hotels have a great breakfast menu, where you will have plenty of options to choose from, in the buffet or otherwise. Since breakfast is mostly included in your hotel tariff, make the most of it by eating as much as you want. Take advantage of the many varieties of fruits and juices available there, which you would otherwise not consume on a regular basis. A nice, heavy breakfast will keep you full for hours, and will save you from making halts at fast-food joints even before you have reached the first sightseeing destination.

2. Pack snacks for the day

Pack some of the fruits and sandwiches from the breakfast buffet and keep them with you. These snacks will be your saviors when you are unable to find a good restaurant around, or when the city that you are in is extremely expensive for you to make regular dine-in halts.

3. Customize meals

When on a holiday, you want to try the local cuisine of the place you are visiting, and that’s completely understandable. However, try and customize the meal with added vegetables or less butter and oil (depending on the dish, of course) to not deviate a lot from your healthy eating habits. So when trying pizza in Italy, get more veggies and less cheese there!

4. Consume zero-calorie beverages

Since you will be cheating on your meals most of the times, the least you can do to maintain the balance in your diet is to not overdo the beverages. Try and consume as little of the aerated drinks as possible, and opt for juices and water instead. That will help you cut down at least a few of the calories from your daily consumption.

5. Share Food

Well, not exactly for spreading love, but for the purpose of cutting down your portion sizes! So when you want to try three different kinds of pastries, share them with someone in order to taste them all, and still not consume all of them on your own. That way, you don’t compromise on the experience, and don’t consume too many calories either. This is perfect every time you want to taste new things in a new place.

Keep these little tips in mind on your next holiday, and you will return happier and healthier. Your work clothes will still fit you when you are back, and you won’t look chubby in your vacation pictures too!

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