5 Reasons Why You Must Make a Travel Journal

Date:06-08-2014 04:53:27 read:1

A travel journal is one of the best things to maintain. Regardless of whether you are a frequent traveler, or someone who takes vacations once in a blue moon, travel journals can act as a great companion for you. Moreover, it’s a good hobby to maintain. Listed here are some reasons that will inspire and motivate you to maintain a travel journal.

1. For the sake of memories

If you have visited some cities or countries that you have loved, or have experienced new cuisines or gone to amazing museums, then your travel journal will be the best place to keep all your pictures, tickets, passes etc. as memories. It will act as a stress-buster during lazy evenings, and will cheer you up each time you go through it.

2. For motivation and dreaming more

When you start to maintain a proper travel journal, you get tempted to travel more and fill up the pages of the journal quickly with more unseen travel destinations. You can always write the names of the places that you want to visit and keep those pages blank. Each time you go through the journal, you will be kicked and pumped to plan your next travel soon and make your dreams come true.

3. For helping others prepare their itineraries

Know that feeling when you are the most –traveled among all your friends and they always come to you for travel advice? Your travel journal can act as a first-hand guide for your friends to see some amazing pictures, and get ideas on what they can include in their own itineraries or trip plans. You can be like their travel guide in that sense. And of course, you can flaunt off all the places you have been to!

4. For networking and making connections

You can stick visiting cards of people you have met during your travels, or places that you have stayed in. Write down phone numbers or email addresses of new friends that you have made during your trips, and keep them as records. You never know when you might need to connect with them for something in life. Varied contacts can always come in handy.

5. For expanding your thinking and penning down your feelings

Write about what you are feeling or what’s going on in your head when you are travelling from one place to the other in a train or in a plane. Sit outside a monument, write the time of visit, and write down what’s happening around at that very minute. This is like your own personal kind of documentation, your own personal way of making history. Once you do this regularly, you will realize that you won’t just be writing, but will also be making doodles, sketches, random scribbles and a lot more.

Most importantly, making and maintaining a travel journal is a lot of fun. It gives you a new kind of high, and is a great habit to pursue all your life. It will act as a memoir for your kids and grandchildren to go through, and will be a very beautiful part of your life, locked and treasured in one place.

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