4 Reasons Father’s Day Should Be as Big as Mother’s Day

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A father is a special person in a kid’s life. Although the kid spends a lot of time with the mother soon after the birth, it comes to love the dad equally and that says a lot about the bond a father shares with the kid. The bond between a mother and her child is spoken about a lot and it is usually the mothers who are shown as being the paragon of sacrifice, filled with love and as willing to give up anything for the kid. Although this is true, the role played by the father in a kid’s life and in keeping the family together should not be underplayed and never be discounted. Throughout the years, Mother’s day has been celebrated with much fanfare and it is only lately that Father’s day has been getting its due. Here are some reasons as to why Father’s day should be as big as Mother’s day.

1. A father sacrifices a lot too and that should be acknowledged

Fathers around the world have been getting a bad rep for being absent for a major part of the kid’s life. Although this may be true in some cases, it is not true for everyone. There are a lot of dad’s out there who would willingly give up their career if it helps their kids. We should also acknowledge the dad’s who take on two to three jobs just so their kids and wife would have a better standard of living. Celebrating Father’s day with equal gusto only shows that we love our fathers as much as we love our mothers.

2. It will bring unwilling fathers to take up more responsibility

It may also prove to be beneficial to some very reluctant fathers who choose to not spend much time in the house. Since they work hard to bring in the money, they mostly leave it to their wives to take care of the house and the kids. Maybe celebrating it will instill in them a sense of responsibility or some kind of guilt for having dumped the whole responsibility on the mother.

3. It would help recognize the role played by fathers in a family

Although fathers play a very important role in how a kid is being brought up, it is seldom recognized and there is still a lot made of the quality time spent with kids. Celebrating Father’s day will acknowledge the role played by dads all over and also give them a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Some full time dads also wouldn’t feel that all their efforts have gone waste or not been given due credit.

4. A father loves his kids as much as the mother does

There is no denying the fact that a father loves his kids as much as the mother does. It is only the traditional roles assigned to each gender that makes it look like fathers do not play much of a role in the kid’s life. The fact is that he too is willing to give up everything for the kids. And celebrating a day and dedicating it to him is only right.

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