5 Movies To Watch With Your Dad On Father’s Day

Date:06-08-2014 04:54:58 read:2

It is only for a few years in your life that you would enjoy being taken out to the movies with your dad. Then you grow up, develop your own tastes, would want to go out with friends or with your partner and going out to the movies with your dad becomes a distant memory. You still would not want to go watch a movie with him as you may find his taste boring, but think for a minute how much fun he would have really had watching reruns of cartoons and princess movies with you. For this father’s day, you could either grit your teeth and watch a few classics with him or show him a few movies that you like, giving him an idea about your tastes. If you are both lucky, you can also have the same taste and watch a really good movie together. It really depends on your taste and your dads on what to watch but here are some great movies that can be watched on Father’s day.

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