4 Ways to Say ‘Thank You’ This Father’s Day

Date:06-08-2014 04:55:02 read:0

Father’s Day is round the corner and you must be breaking your head on what to do for him and what to do with him. With the plethora of choices when it comes to gifts, you would be completely stressed out just thinking what to gift him. But more than material gifts and letting him know that you love him with a perfunctory phone call or a card, you need to really thank your dad. There are so many reasons you need do thank your dad for. He has brought you up over the years, spent on you without complaining, cried over your heartaches, taken you to places, introduced you to things, been your best friend when you wanted him, been a disciplinarian when you deserved it and much more. Although you can never say enough of thank you, here are some ways you can thank this wonderful human being called dad.

1. Write a heartfelt letter

In these days of phone calls and emails, it has become very rare for anyone to write anymore. We all send an email once in a while to ask about our parents’ life and what they have been up to. But if you really want to thank your dad, sit down and write a letter, listing out the reasons you are thanking him for. Let him know how much he means to you and how you can never thank him enough for the role he played in your life.

2. Try and be the person he wants you to be

There is no better way to thank your dad than trying to be the person he wants you to be. If he had wanted you to finish college and you had dropped out, try to get enrolled again. Getting back into college could be the greatest gift you could give him. It could also be your way to thank him for having believed in you and also for having stood by you in your most indecisive times. If he had taught you to be a good person and you had lost it somewhere along, try and become the good person your dad brought you up to be.

3. Send him a gift with a thank you note

If you are shy or if you are from a family where physical display of affection or endearing words are not the norm, send him a gift, something that would be practical and something that he would use along with a simple note that says ‘Thank You’. Sometimes you do not have to write a thousand words when a simple thank you would say it all.

4. Dedicate a list of what you have achieved in life to him

Make a list of everything you have done in your life so far. List out the things he was directly responsible for. Make a graph to show him where all he’s been an influence and a support in your life’s us and downs. The graph may look a little less emotional but nothing lets him know how much you appreciate him and how much you are thankful for what he has done for you like a presentation does. This small presentation shows him how thankful you are and how you will never forget it in your life.

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