4 Benefits of Tomato for Skin

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The luscious tomato has been part of our diet for so long that many of us are guilty of consuming them without really knowing about the various benefits it has to offer us. The best thing about tomatoes is that you can eat them in so many ways. You can eat them raw, put them in your salads, add them to your barbecue, and use them to make delicious gravies and a lot more. Tomatoes are so rich in vitamins and minerals that a daily dose is enough to keep you healthy and give you great looking skin. Here are some of the benefits that tomatoes have to offer when it comes to your skin.

1. Tomatoes help you get rid of excess tan and discoloration

As much as tan looks good, there are times when we do not get the right amount of tan or get a little too much in places we do not really like. Adding tomato juice or pulp to the tanned areas will help you get rid of them faster. The compounds in tomatoes are also good for problems like discoloration of the skin. Discoloration of the skin mostly happens to some deficiency of vitamins or minerals in the body and tomatoes can cure them. Tomatoes are also great for oily skin and acne prone skin. They reduce the size of the pores and also help regulate sebum in oily skin.

2. Raw tomatoes aid in a clean digestive system and clearer skin

There is a very close relation between a healthy stomach and how your skin looks. You would have noticed that you have a lot of breakouts and dull looking skin when you have problems with your stomach. Tomatoes have a lot of fiber that aids digestion and also hydrate your skin, making your skin look healthy ad giving it that natural glow. Have it in juice form or eat the raw ones and your skin will start glowing just as the sun kissed tomatoes do.

3. Tomatoes are ideal for detoxification

If you are thinking of detox for cleansing your system as well as clearing up your skin, having tomatoes or fresh tomato juice everyday as part of your cleanse is a great idea. Tomatoes have chlorine and sulphur. While the chlorine helps in cleaning up the liver and the kidney, the sulphur prevents any infection from occurring. Since liver and kidneys play a very important role in cleaning up the blood, tomatoes too become an important ingredient in any detox program. A tomato filled detox diet gives you gorgeous and healthy looking skin.

4. Tomatoes work as a moisturizing agent

Tomatoes have a lot of water in them and that’s what makes it so juicy. Eating a raw tomato every morning with your breakfast or having a tomato when you are too tired to make juice is a great idea to stay hydrated. You can also apply tomato juice or the pulp to moisturize your skin. Since it is natural, you do not have to worry about any adverse side effects.

Have more fun this summer by having tomatoes handy. Add them to as many dishes as you can and enjoy the tangy taste as unbelievable benefits of tomatoes.

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