4 Homemade Exfoliators You can Try Out

Date:06-08-2014 05:00:12 read:0

There is a lot that you subject your skin to over the course of one day. To begin with, there are the various creams that you use, the makeup that you pile on every day, the pollution that you are exposed to, the dust and the other grime that sticks to your face if it is too oily. Just as you need to breathe easy for a while every day, your skin too needs to be able to breathe for a few hours every day. And the best way to get this done is by exfoliating your skin. Exfoliating or scrubbing your skin well before you go to sleep must be a regular part of your beauty regimen. This exfoliation helps remove any makeup that clogs up your pores and also makes your skin feel fresh and young. Exfoliation also prevents breakouts on the skin. The natural your exfoliator is, the better will your skin fare. The good news is that you can make some pretty awesome exfoliators right at home with the ingredients you would find at home. Here are some homemade exfoliators you can try out.

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