8 Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss

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Cardio is one of the most common forms of workout undertaken by people to lose weight and remain fit. One of the reasons why it is really popular is because it is quite effective in increasing the metabolism rate of the person, as well as increasing the heart rate, both of which further aid in weight loss. Listed here are some cardio exercises that can help in weight loss.

1. Jogging

Perhaps, the easiest of all cardio workouts, this one doesn’t require you to purchase any special equipment. All you need to do is motivate yourself to wake up every morning, or take out some time during the day and go for a jog. It not only helps you to burn out calories, but also improves your heart health. For better results, try jogging on hilly or rugged terrains that give resistance to motion and further help in shedding calories.

2. Swimming

Perfect for summers, it is one of the best cardio exercises to lose weight, along with being a very cool hobby to pursue. Swimming is known to help lose weight really fast, especially on the arms and the lower body. Of course, the more rigorous your swimming is, the better will be the results.

3. Cycling

Don’t waste your cycling skills. Revive them during your adulthood rather than saying bye-bye to them in your childhood days itself. Cycle regularly everyday to tone your lower body and lose weight quickly. Like jogging, take routes that have better resistance, such as hilly inclined ones, as they are more effective in making your muscles work to lose weight.

4. Skipping

A fun activity that also helps you to lose weight! How cool is that? Skipping can be done indoors or outdoors, and you can do it while listening to music to make it more fun. You can start with sets of 30 skips in the beginning and then move on to more sets and repetitions gradually. It loosens the fat and helps in overall weight reduction.

5. Kickboxing

Kickboxing targets the core muscles of the body, thereby being more effective for overall weight loss. Contrary to popular belief, kickboxing actually involves a lot of different movements in each session, rather than doing the same movements repeatedly.

6. Tennis

It’s not just a sport, but also a great exercise for improving your strength and stamina. In fact, it even improves your reaction time and eye-hand co-ordination skills. It helps you lose a lot of weight and is a great way to combat stress everyday.

7. Hiking

It’s a great recreational activity and perfect for those who want to mix adventure with weight loss methods. Do it regularly, and you will experience better muscle health as well.

8. Basketball

It’s a fun game that helps you to build your stamina and endurance levels. More than that, it makes you flexible and more active. Plus, all the running around and dribbling will make you lose weight very quickly. When practiced from a young age, it also helps to increase height in kids and teenagers.

Apart from these, one can go in for other cardio exercises like Zumba, Cross Fit etc. too to lose weight. Cardio is best and most effective when done regularly. It must also be coupled with a good diet in order to witness proper results.

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