9 Daily Chores Which Will Help You Lose Weight

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With the kind of hectic lives that people lead these days, fitness and health always take a backseat. The usual and most common excuse is that for a person, who spends the whole day in office and comes back home only to finish off home chores, where and when does one find time to go to the gym? In fact even fifteen minutes of a walk seem a waste of time when you know that you would rather spend that time sending a pending email or finishing off something else. Then what exactly does one do to lose weight? The answer lies in being smart. The answer lies in making sure that you take up some of those outsourced home chores yourself and shed those extra calories. Yes, a maidservant or any other form of help for doing home chores is always welcome. But you can actually take up some of those activities yourself to lose some weight. Listed here are some daily chores which will help you lose weight.

1. Clean your house

An hour of dusting in the house includes not just lifting things and keeping them back in their place, but also includes a lot of standing, and a lot of hand movement, ensuring that many of your muscles are used in the process. Manual dusting is always better over cleanliness via electronic devices, and you will end up burning a lot of your calories in this process.

2. Walk the dog

Go and enjoy the garden with your dog. Let your lovely pet get some fresh air, as you too enjoy the outdoors and bust some calories as the dog occasionally runs and keeps you active. This is the best way to spend your mornings or evenings, and hardly takes any time. Also try and play the occasional Frisbee or ‘Catch The Ball’ games with your dog on Sundays or other holidays to lose some more weight.

3. Finish the laundry

That big pile of dirty clothes should be your cue to start with home chores. The whole process of washing clothes, hanging them to dry, and other related tasks will include bending, walking and stretching. It is surely a great way to reduce some weight. In fact, make this a part of your daily routine, and you will automatically feel the difference in just a couple of weeks. Also, manual washing sheds more calories than putting clothes in the washing machine and then drying.

4. Re-organize closets

Emptying your closets, taking out all the clothes and then folding all those clothes to put them back in a rearranged manner is a great way to shed some extra calories. You can even start re-arranging kitchen cabinets in your free time. Most of the times, you are standing while doing such tasks. Plus, you are constantly taking out things and keeping them back, ensuring that your body gets enough activity. These tasks don’t take much time, and are easy ways of reducing weight.

5. Take up gardening

Mowing the lawn is a rigorous activity that surely helps you to reduce a lot of weight. Plus, when you do all that digging and replanting, you will find yourself huffing and puffing. That’s because gardening is one of those activities that helps you lose a lot of weight. It sheds more calories than most of the other household chores, and is also a great weekend activity to refresh you.

6. Redecorate and renovate

Paint walls and shift around the furniture in your house to give your home a new look and feel. This is sure to help you bust those extra calories. Usually, such activities take a lot of time, so this is like a workout in itself for you.

7. Mop the floor

A home chore that truly burns a lot of calories with all that standing and movement around the house. Doing this everyday for 15-20 minutes ensures that your daily fitness goals are met, without having to take out special time for going to the gym. Listen to some music while doing it, and you are sure to be dancing as well while mopping the floors, making it an even better workout for you.

8. Vacuum all corners

This will include a lot of bending and stretching to reach all difficult corners of the house. Perfect for mornings, vacuuming not only cleans up your house, but also makes you feel refreshed with all the stretched muscles in the body. You’ll be burning a lot of calories by constantly holding and moving the machines as well.

9. Wash the dishes

Yes, avoid the dishwasher and do it yourself. You will be standing while doing it, and that helps you burn more calories than doing any job sitting. Plus, there’s a lot more calorie burning in store when you wipe off those utensils and arrange them in your kitchen.

To think of it logically, all these chores do not take up a lot of your time. In fact, you might even doubt their effectiveness at first, thinking how these basic tasks would help you lose weight. But it’s been scientifically proven that these home chores really do burn out a lot of calories in a short span of time. So go ahead, be more active and more of a cleanliness freak to lose that extra weight that’s been bothering you all this while.

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