5 Reasons Why Every Girl Must Watch Amelie

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Amelie is a French movie, in the rom-com genre, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It is a heart-touching story of a young girl, Amelie, living in Paris. Her journey involves helping others around her to make them happy, while dealing with her own loneliness at the same time. Whether or not you’re a movie buff, whether or not you watch French films, here are a few reasons as to why you must watch Amelie.

1. It teaches you to do good

Amelie finds one hidden box in her apartment, filled with childhood memories of a boy. She pledges to find that man, who had hidden that box decades ago in the house. And when the man is moved to tears upon finding this box, Amelie decides to make everyone else around her happy in whatever way she can. This becomes the motive of her life, and it transforms other’s lives around her so beautifully. Imagine if everyone in the world had a little bit of Amelie in them, wouldn’t the world be such a beautiful place with so many more happy faces?

2. It tells you that it’s okay to be naughty at times

When doing good, or when your intentions are nice, it’s okay to be naughty sometimes. Amelie dislikes the way the grocer treats his helper, and plans naughty practical jokes on him to be able to tame his attitude and anger. She replaces the toothpaste with the foot cream, messes with his shoes, and sets his alarm for much before it’s actual time to wake him up in the middle of his sleep! But all that, to teach him a lesson and bring a smile to the helper’s face. Not so bad after all, is it?

3. It shows how everyone is a little twisted

Amelie likes to watch people sitting behind her in cinema halls, while someone else dislikes puckered fingers. Her parents like cleaning toolboxes and handbags and re-arranging them. In that sense, everyone is a little twisted with their own strange likes and dislikes or weird habits, and there is nothing wrong in it. You should be the way you are, without caring for anybody else, because that truly keeps you happy and lets you be yourself completely.

4. It teaches you to reach out for things you like

Amelie likes a man but is scared to reach out to him in the beginning. Conversations with her friendly neighbor make her realize that it’s okay to shed your fears and inhibitions in life and reach out for things or people that you like. If you don’t take a step forward, then you’ll always be stuck at the same place. So one must always have the courage to go forward in life and try to get things that they like. Life will surprise you, for you may actually end up getting those things and a lot more!

5. It will cheer you up on sad days

‘Amelie’ is a movie that will put a smile on your face, for sure. It will cheer you up on sad days, and will be your motivation to go forward in life when you feel lost and tired. It will bring back your faith in all the good things of the world, and will make you believe that something good for sure is definitely coming your way soon, however miserable your life might be right now.

Watch this film for the brilliant narrative, a great sense of art direction, and wonderful storytelling skills of the director. You would definitely want to watch it more than once!

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