6 Reasons We Should Forget Past Mistakes and Look Forward

Date:06-08-2014 05:15:42 read:1

Mistakes are a part of life. We all make them at some point or the other, some big ones that change our life’s course and direction, and some small ones that can somehow be managed but leave us with certain lessons to remember. However, the biggest mistake that one can probably make is to stop his or life by just sitting down and thinking about the past mistakes.

Life is all about keeping the show going on. You will have occasional falls and weak moments, but that’s never a reason enough for you to stop living your life. One needs to accept the fact that mistakes are a part of everyone’s life, and that we all make them. It’s all about forgetting the past mistakes and moving forward. Here’s why.

1. It has nothing new to offer

It has happened. You were there when it happened, and you experienced it first hand. Thinking about it over and over again is just going to keep it fresh in your head and do nothing else. There are no new details that will come up, and no new kinds of feelings to experience except for misery and sadness in loop. So might as well free yourself from such torture and move on.

2. You can’t change it now

If you couldn’t do anything back then to repair the damage, then there is no way you can do something now to change that situation. What’s done is done and there is no way you can change anything right now. No modifications or repairs can happen. Then why waste your time on something unproductive and unchangeable?

3. Its negativity will hamper your present and future

The bad vibe coming from the memories of those past mistakes will affect your mood and current state of mind. It will lower your efficiency and affect your interest in everything related to the present and the future. In other words, you are letting a minor part of your life affect the major part that’s left of it. Why would you do that?

4. It happens with everyone

It’s okay to forgive yourself and move on. It’s not something that has happened only with you. These kinds of things happen with everyone. There are a lot of people who make mistakes professionally and personally, and they all move on. That’s because moving on is the right way of living your life, that’s what everyone does and that’s what you should also do.

5. It’s a lesson well learnt

The mistakes that you made must have definitely taught you a good lesson. They’ve made you realize where you went wrong, and that is something that will stick with you for the rest of your life. So take that learning in your stride and move on, ensuring that you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

6. Your focus should shift now

It’s been a while that you’ve cribbed about the past. Now it’s time to move on and plan ahead. Your focus should be on what to do next and how to keep your life going forward rather than looking back constantly. That can only happen when you truly and consciously make an effort to forget about your past mistakes and look forward.

It doesn’t make you any less of a good person to look forward in life and move on. It only shows that you’ve been courageous enough to accept your mistakes and learn from them. Plus, the more you become comfortable with your life, the more forgiving will be the people around you as well.

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