8 Ways to Face Life Positively If You are Infertile

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Infertility may be one of the biggest challenges faced by a couple. While it is very emotionally disturbing, staying positive and happy is important for the relationship as well as for your individual lives ahead. Here are some ways to face life positively if you are infertile.

1. Stop criticizing yourself

There may be a little voice in your head or so many other voices outside that keep talking about the problem and what you did or did not do about. But those are not the ones you should be listening to. Negative thought patterns can consume you into a depressed state. Infertility is not an individual’s problem. So, the first thing to do is stop criticizing yourself.

2. Answer inappropriate questions appropriately

Sometimes, even well-meaning friends can commit the mistake of asking wrong questions at the wrong time. It is neither right in succumbing to a shell nor retaliating inappropriately. Instead address those questions in a relaxed and mature manner.

3. Have fun with your husband

Some childless couples commit the mistake of distancing from each other. Instead, try bridging the gap with your partner and notice the difference. Children are most definitely work and even manage to bring down quality time you spend with your partner. So, treat this as an opportunity to build a beautiful and happy relationship with your partner.

4. Look out for opportunities

With no children around, you have the luxury of doing anything you want. You can backpack through Africa without being worried on what to feed your children or about safety. Similarly, make use of the innumerable opportunities life can give you and your spouse.

5. Parent a child

Infertility can be emotionally disturbing. But infertility does not mean couples have to stay childless. There are number of ways to bring one or more children. As the field of medicine progresses, there are a number of safe and effective ways to conceive a child. Or adoption is always another option.

6. Talk to similar couples

Some individuals can be unintentionally insensitive and ask inappropriate questions. But when you talk to other childless couples or those who have been there for quite some time, you will begin to learn and acknowledge that the crisis can be contained and handled well without breaking down emotionally. Group discussions can help childless couples arrive at practical solutions and also help them determine ways in which the problem can be handled by them.

7. Set limits for your time and money

Set limits on how much time and money you are willing to spend to conceive without a donor. Sometimes it is not just about time and money but the emotional trauma couples go through when every step they take does not yield successful results. This can be extremely disappointing and depressing for both partners. Instead, when a limit is set on time and money, things can be a little easier.

8. Devote time for other interests

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Engage in different activities that can make the two of you happy and occupied. These activities can keep you engaged with more productive pursuits in life. They help you forget and channelize energies productively. You also take care of yourself during such endeavor.

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