5 Movies that will Make You Believe in the Power of Love

Date:14-08-2014 07:25:10 read:2

Love is a complex emotion. Since time unknown, poets, artists and many others have been trying to decode this emotion and understand it deeply. How does love happen? When do you get to know that you’re in love? Is love an emotion valid for a feeling of affection that exists between men and women only, or can it extend up to other kinds of relationships too?

There are innumerable questions, doubts, fantasies and stories that revolve around love. Movies, however, have been able to show its various sides in an interesting manner. Since a long time now, we have seen the rom-com genre gain a lot of popularity. Whatever teenagers and young adults get to know of love is mostly through what they see in films. And if we were to believe that the projection of love in the movies is closest to what it actually is, then here are a few movies that have truly shown the ‘power’ of love in a believable and strong manner.

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