7 Secrets of Younger Looking Skin

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Young looking skin is simply a reflection of a young and happy mind. Many tend to shell out huge amounts of money on expensive beauty and skin routines in vain, when the real secret to youthful skin is inexpensive. While the results you obtain from chemical and beauty regimes are short lasting, the beauty that you obtain with a good lifestyle stays perpetually. Use these easy tips to eliminate signs of aging and to work wonders to your looks. Right from washing your skin to eating right, the smallest things can make a huge difference. Read and learn. Say yes to freshen your look, locking the moisture content and getting rid of damage with these simple secrets for younger looking skin.

1. Watch out for the blazing sun

The damage that the sun can cause your skin takes place over a period of time but stays. Apart from giving you brown spots, redness, blotchiness, shallowness, ugly freckles and red skin, the sun causes your skin to dry up and age. Wrinkles when once appear, are not easy to get rid off. Hence, prevention is better than cure. As much as possible avoid the sun during afternoon when it is most hot. If you should step out, see that you carry an umbrella or a scarf to cover your face. Also ensure that you apply plenty of sunscreen whenever you step out during the day, irrespective of whether it is sunny or not.

2. Invest in goodnight skin therapy

This refers to night creams. Skin experts say that the time while you sleep is the best time to use creams as they are uninterrupted and work best! Speak to a good dermatologist and find your skin a good night cream that will moisturize and smoothen your skin while you sleep. This will ensure to keep the moisture tight in your skin and avoid aging.

3. Scrub off those dry cells

Our daily chores and exertions often tends to dry up our skin and makes it appear dull and aged. A good facial scrub is a perfect remedy for this. Use a good skin scrub at least three times a week to scrub off all these worn out cells. As the worn out cells are scrubbed out they will make way for new fresh skin cells causing your skin to appear beautiful and young.

4. Think thrice before you sweet treat yourself

While a yummy dessert after your meal is always a pleasure, it can be a pain for your skin in the long run if made a habit. When sugar is broken down in your body once it enters your bloodstream it combines with the protein molecules and degrades the collagen and elastin in your body. This results in sagging of the skin and eventually causes wrinkles to make their horrifying entrance. It is always good in indulge in confectionary; however ensure that you limit the amount of sugary food you consume as far as possible.

5. Water water- consume it in excess!

Never deprive yourself of healthy liquids. Water is a bare essential and it is the simplest way to beautiful skin. About 70% of your body is made up of water, hence not providing yourself with adequate amount of water is a “danger alert” to fabulous skin. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. See that eight to ten glasses of water is your minimum water intake on a daily basis. Instead of aerated drinks and soda, switch to fresh fruit juices and coconut water. Alcohol should be avoided as much as possible. Chemically processed aerated drinks and alcohol generate toxins in your skin resulting in your skin to age faster than it should. Again avoid smoking tobacco as it causes wrinkles and pigmentation over a period of time.

6. Put on those cautious antennas on high alert while flying

When you are flying you are much closer to the sun than when you are on land. It is often observed that flight attendants and pilots are most susceptible to skin cancers due to closer exposure to the sun. Hence for frequent flyers, avoid sitting near the window on planes and exposing your skin to the rays of the sun. If you are still seated near the window, pull down the shade. Make sure you do not step on a plane during the day without wearing a sunscreen with SPF above 15.

7. Stay happy and beauty will follow

No matter how perfect your exterior application and consumption might be, if you are not happy from within, it will surely reflect on your face. A happy person generally takes longer to age. This is the reason why laughter clubs and counseling has become so popular. It has also been scientifically proven that prolonged stress and anxiety caused wrinkles and pimples as well. This will automatically make you appear much older than you are. Stress often also causes lack of sleep, resulting in your skin appearing tired and dark circles beneath your eyes. Save yourself the pain and trouble, stay happy, stay beautiful, stay young, forever!

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