11 Different Types of Belts For Girls

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Belts add style and sophistication to a dress. They can also make you look slimmer and better. But for that, you need to choose the right kind of belt. Here’s a list of belts that you should have in your wardrobe:

1. Skinny belts

Skinny or thin belts look like ropes or chains. But, when worn stylishly around the waist or the hips, they make you look sexy, sharp and fashionable. Keep stock of these belts in different colors. They go with a variety of dresses and style.

2. Thick belts

Thick belts can be pretty tricky but when worn correctly with the right dress, they make your waist look slimmer. They are perfect for adding a bit of dramatic effect to the otherwise plain dress. Make sure that you buy the right kind which is comfortable for you to wear.

3. Wide belts

They are thicker than the skinny belts. They are what you can call the ‘medium thick’ belts.

4. Braided belts

Perhaps the most feminine looking belts are the braided belts. This is because of its obvious ‘interwoven’ look which resembles a damsel’s braid. They are great for adding some color and texture to your outfit.

5. Big Buckle Belts

Buckle is the hero of this belt. Often they are the designer ones with fashion symbols acting as the buckle. This one is great for the brand conscious ones who want to show off their designer belts with style.

6. Sash

Sash is a stylishly different belt which doesn’t have any buckles or holes. It is basically a piece of fabric that has to be tied stylishly. Sash is great for adding a touch of softness and femininity to your outlook.

7. Obi

Obi is yet another kind of sash style belt which is tied either at the front of the dress or at the back.

8. Studded belts

They are the designer belts with stones studded on them to make a glittering fashion statement.

9. Beaded belts

The entire belt comprises of small colored beads to add a bit of color and style to your outlook.

10. Printed belts

They are yet another kind of decorative belts. Animal prints are quite popular in this category. For example, belts resembling the skin of leopard and the likes.

11. Woven Belts

Weaving gives a unique look and beautiful texture to the woven belt. It looks feminine and stylish.

Belts come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure to choose the right one according to your body type so as to look elegant and gorgeous!

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