7 Accessories You Must Have in Your Winter Wardrobe

Date:11-04-2013 21:15:44 read:8

Photo Courtesy: Kelley Mari

Winter is a tricky season for most fashion divas because the body must be kept well covered all the time. So how can you make this dull season come alive with your fashion sense? Read on to find out.

1. Wide, big buckled belts

Belts are going to be your fashion accessory in winter because they can create a visual balance to puffy winter clothes. Replace your thin and colorful summer belts with wide, big buckled belts. Whether you wear your belt under the bust or on the waist, the sparkle of a gold or silver buckle will look stunning against a winter coat.

2. Artificial fur scarves and knitted mufflers

Faux fur scarves are tricky accessories and you need to wear them exactly in the right proportion to look fashionable in winter. Fake fur will feel warm and look good, without the thought of being cruel to animals. You can also opt for knitted mufflers if you are not a fan of fur.

3. Bling bags and totes

Streets in winter are typically dominated by hues of black, gray, white or blue and your best bet to shine out and stand apart is to add some bling on your bag. Totes with silver or gold chains or bags with sequins or shiny lace work are instant eye catchers. The shiny appeal of a vibrant bag will make you easy to spot from a far distance and will also be a good contrast against the otherwise darker shades of winter clothing.

4. Colorful Ear Muffs

Imagine what a touch of fluorescence or neon on your ear muffs could do to your entire winter look. It will make you stand out from the crowd. If you use ear muffs to protect yourself against winter wind, you might as well add some fun and color to it. You can also choose funky ear muffs with cartoon prints.

5. Trendy sunglasses

Even the fashion obsessed folk can undermine the importance of sunglasses as a winter fashion accessory only because they are popularly associated with summer. Trendy black cat eyed or Wayfarer type of sunglasses will protect your eyes from watering in strong winter winds and they will also make you look trendy.

6. Ankle length boots

Ankle length boots are a good pick over stilettos or pumps in winter because they fully cover your feet and keep them warm. Whether you are opting for a formal looking black skirt or a casual skinny jeans, ankle length boots can be paired with almost everything you wear.

7. Colorful open finger gloves

Open finger gloves are a superb twist on traditional gloves and they are available in a huge variety of colors and prints. If you don’t mind your finger tips getting cold, open finger gloves are the winter accessory for you this season. With open fingers, you can also tap away on your iPhone without worries.

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