4 Ways to Stop Negative Thinking

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Believe it or not, negativity is a habit. Yes, agreed you have “had it rough” since you can remember, nothing seems to work for you, and you never seem to figure out why. One can’t deny that the world can be a daunting place, but at the same time the root of the problem might be within you. Now how do you figure that out? Take this test. You happen to win the lottery. And the first thing that comes to your mind is, “Shit! God knows how much I am gonna lose in tax!” – does this sound like you? If yes, you don’t only have a habit of negative thinking, you are kind of sinking in an ocean of negativity! Your attitude seems to dampen even a fun as sudden as winning the lottery. Though this is an extreme example, but most of us do carry baggage of negativity. It can weigh us down to dangerous level. It’s easier said than done to learn to stop the cycle of negativity. But there is help if you want to break the cycle and change your life. Here are four ways to stop negative thinking.

1. Don’t generalize a certain set back

So the last date didn’t quite work alright or the last test you flunked. Don’t fall into the loop of thinking “Things never work out for me”, or “I can never pass that test”. It’s usual to criticize yourself after a set back but don’t generalize one failure as a norm. This will not only make you exaggerate facts, but will also give you a low self image making you suffer for years to come.

2. Imagine yourself happy and in control of your situations

This is going to sound a little silly in the beginning. But life coaches swear by this self-help technique. Turn on a soothing music you particularly like. Sit in a relaxed posture in a room alone. Close your eyes. Now imagine. Imagine yourself in an action – maybe playing basket ball, or dancing like a ballerina – things that you have dreamed of accomplishing. Imagine how you are excelling in the task. See yourself enjoying what you do. Feel yourself to be in full control of your actions and happy and relaxed. Once you have fully imagined, say for five minutes, open your eyes and resume usual tasks. The point of this exercise is to let your mind and your soul know what you really want. Tell the little chicken residing in your heart “I can do it”. This is a practice you need to keep faith in. Slowly, optimism will also become like a habit replacing negativity.

3. Don’t put the blame on yourself

People with a habit of negative thinking tend to take things too personally. “I am not getting a job, maybe I am not good enough”, “None of my relationships work, I am a loser” – is how they tend to assess situations. So, next time you find yourself thinking this way, replace it with an opposite thought, like “Employment has become less with recession”, “I’ll come across the right guy sooner”.

4. Take a balanced approach

Negative people tend to see extremes in people and situations. “Certain Joe is the worst guy”, “I’ll die if I flunk this test.” While your assessment about Joe may be right in certain contexts, it cannot be his whole persona. Everyone has good and bad sides about themselves. So try and think of something good about Joe as well. Like wise, a failed test is a matter for concern, but you won’t really die, if you do flunk, God forbid! Negative thoughts as this will actually stop you from performing to your best abilities. So, whenever you have extreme negative thoughts, think about the not so extreme sides. Try and take a balanced approach.

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