5 Ways to Add Protein to Your Diet

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There are many different ways in which you can enhance the protein intake of your body. Proteins are important for muscle building and are imperative for body growth. You can consult nutrition specialists to discuss your body’s exact nutritional needs and the kind of diet regimen that you follow. However, it is not very difficult to figure out the food stuff that you need to consume in order to enhance the protein intake of your body. Here are some ideas to increase protein in your diet.

1. Go for protein powders

You can take protein powders that offer your body a handsome chunk of proteins that you need. These powders can be added to your snacks like muffin or pancakes. You can also go for vanilla flavored powders that can be added to oatmeal or any of the other health drinks that you take. You can consume these protein powders by adding them to cereals that you have in breakfast.

2. Consume eggs, yogurt and cheese

These are food items that are usually found in most homes. These offer your body a lot of protein, when taken in the right quantity. Greek yogurt, for example, is far more protein-rich than traditionally consumed yogurts while cutting down on the calories. Similarly, eggs can make for good breakfast and come with dietary cholesterol. It is not just the egg whites but also the yolk that is full of proteins. Apart from cottage cheese, you can also get proteins from milk, custard and casserole.

3. Proteins for non-vegans

Lean meats are ideal for those who are non-vegan as they offer a lot more proteins. Non-vegans can also benefit from the proteins offered by fish. Tuna fish for example is rich in proteins. Similarly, lamb, red meat and chicken can offer proteins to the body too. Ground turkey and chicken salad are quite popular recipes for those inclined towards a protein-rich diet.

4. Proteins for vegans

Nuts like almonds and cashew nuts can be consumed as snacks as they offer the body all the proteins that it needs. You can also go for hazelnuts and walnuts. You can also get proteins from sunflower seeds, chickpeas, peanuts and nut butters. Vegan foods that offer proteins include brown rice and onions, beans and barley, broccoli and artichoke, spinach and potatoes. You can also make your salads more protein-rich by adding nuts and chickpeas. Beans and lentils are also a good source of proteins for the vegans.

5. Be aware of protein content

It is important to check what foods offer more proteins and what offer less. For example, chicken, beef and ham are all rich sources of proteins. Similarly, a large egg offers 6 grams of proteins while 1 cup of milk gives you about 8 grams of protein. Hard Parmesan cheeses offer about 10 grams of protein per ounce while the quantity of proteins offered by medium and soft cheeses is slightly less. Tofu, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and split peas all offer a healthy sprinkling of protein and hence should be included in your diet as much as possible.

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