9 Tips for Purchasing Designer Jewelry

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Jewelry is something which naturally excites women. However, you must keep in mind that purchasing jewelry is not like purchasing any other household item. Jewelry is expensive. When it is designer-made it only adds to the expense. Hence, it is necessary that you take a decision of purchasing designer jewelry, not on impulse, but after a well-thought process. Here are tips to remember while purchasing designer jewelry.

1. Prepare a list of the features you are looking for:

This is with regard to the jewelry you plan to buy. Make a clear and precise list of the features that you are looking for in your designer wear jewelry. Prepare this list on your own and without getting carried off by suggestions from your family and friends. Remember, ultimately you are the one investing in this jewelry, so it must solely be your decision. Conduct adequate research on different features or patterns you could have on your jewelry and accordingly, prepare a list.

2. Prioritize the features carefully:

Once the list is prepared, prioritize each feature carefully with regard to which feature you would want the most to the one that you least desire comparatively. For example, if you desire an antique look to a scratch-free finish, rate them accordingly.

3. Choose a good jewelry designer:

Do this after considerable amount of research. You can ask your family and friends on whose opinion you know you can rely. Also, do a background check about the designer you are about to choose. If possible speak to some other clients of your designer to ask them about their experience with him/her.

4. Trust your designer:

Once you have arrived at your decision and have chosen your designer, you must learn to trust his or her opinion. Your designer is a trained person with regard to designs and is already up-to-date with the latest trends. Hence, along with doing what you want, also consider his or her expert opinion while designing your jewelry. Let your designer’s creativity flow in for you without you blocking it.

5. Check for the quality:

The most recommended way to check if your gemstones and metal is genuine, is by the way of certification. Feel free to demand for certification of authenticity. Don’t go by the look or appearance of the jewelry that it is real. Carefully check the harmony of materials, the colors, the textures, the design and the finish.

6. Make it worthy of spotlight:

You are investing a huge amount in your designer jewelry and hence it deserves to be in the spotlight whenever you wear it. Hence, ensure that you design your jewelry such that it is truly worthy of being in the spotlight. It is highly recommended that instead of turning it into a clutter of gemstones and metals, you choose a central piece to be in the focus and highlight it with a few stones around it.

7. Choose colors wisely:

While choosing the gemstones for your jewelry, pick them carefully. Choose stones with colors that will go with the color of your skin. Dark colored stones are meant for women with dusky complexion, while white pastels suit women with a paler complexion.

8. Consider your face cut:

While designing your jewelry, also consider the shape and cut of your face. If you have a small neck, avoid wearing chokers. Instead, wear necklaces that start from below the neck. Chokers are meant for women with long necks. If you have a heavy neck, a single catchy pendant among long beads is ideal for you. As far as earrings are concerned, if you have a round face, avoid round studs. Instead wear thin to broad earrings.

9. Don’t go way-too beyond your comfort-zone:

It is good to experiment and try something new once in a while. However, breaking rules and wearing something you are not going to be comfortable in, is a big mistake. So the final rule is, design your jewelry such that you will feel pride in wearing it so that you can enjoy the privilege of owning it to the fullest!

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