Know The 4 C’s of Diamonds Before You Head To The Jewelry Store

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We know that this has become a cliché but we’d still go ahead and repeat that ‘diamonds are a woman’s best friend’. This gemstone has captivated our hearts since the beginning of time and we find diamonds to be the ultimate form of beauty and love. What makes a good diamond? Is it the shape? Is it the weight? Or is it the shine? Read on if you want to know more about the 4 C’s of a diamond, which is how you know what makes a great diamond.

1. Carat

Ladies, carat is nothing but the weight of the diamond. If you must know, a carat is 0.007 ounces or 200 milligrams. However, a higher carat, or in simple terms, a heavier weight does not always guarantee a higher price.

2. Clarity

Think of clarity as the measure of ‘pureness’ of the diamond. Technically, ‘clarity’ refers to the ‘inclusions’ which are the internal defects of the diamond. This C aims to point out the flaws and structural imperfections of a diamond like cracks, whitish or cloudy patches or crystals and colors of foreign materials.

3. Color

Did you know, if your diamond is colorless, it’s more expensive and valuable? According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)’s color grading system, alphabet D represents the most colorless diamond. The more colored the diamond, the scale will start ascending toward the alphabet Z. Although these color distinctions are impossible to look at with the naked eye, they determine the price of a diamond in a big big way. If your budget is close to $500, you should buy gemstones instead. If you’re looking for a diamond that would cost around $600 or more, you could get a 0.37 carat weight diamond. Only if you are ready to shell out close to $5000 will you get a decent 1 carat stone.

4. Cut

The final C, which many experts believe plays the most important part in a diamond’s look and appeal, is its cut. This refers to how well and artfully the diamond has been cut to enhance its brilliance and shine. You can have two diamonds of the same carat, same clarity and same color, but still look very different because of how they are cut. So you may have noticed that while the above 3 C’s are the natural properties of a diamond, the C of Cut depends on the expertise and artistry of the craftsman who cuts the diamond in the required shape.

Buying a diamond is a lifetime’s purchase. If reading this has tempted you to buy a diamond, we suggest you wait until you are ready to shelve out the big bucks. Get a nice piece after you have made sure your diamond passes the test of the 4 C’s.

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