7 Things to Do to Pass Time in a Train Journey

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Long journeys, by any mode of transportation be it cars, flights or trains, tend to get boring after the initial excitement gets over. If you take cues from this list, you would never have to face boredom again while you are on a train journey. A train trip is relaxing and the best thing to do in a train (if it’s a long journey and you are in the sleeper class), is to sleep since the pleasant chugging and movement of the train puts the body at ease. If you have had enough sleep, try doing any of these things.

1. Observe the scenic views

The best way to make time fly in a train journey without knowing when it flew away is by looking outside at the scenic views and beholding the beauty of nature. Observe the different views you see outside such as farmers and animals on fields, still or flowing rivers, huge mountains, icy regions, etc. Observing nature calms the senses and gives way to deep thoughts.

2. Get a deck of cards

There are numerous varieties of games that can be played and enjoyed with a simple deck of cards. You could invite your fellow passengers, who also might be getting bored out of their brains, to play cards. If they are sleeping, are preoccupied or simply don’t seem that friendly, then you could play single player solitaire games and pass the time.

3. Read a good book

Reading a good book is always a delight, no matter what the venue is. Cuddle up with a nice book as the picturesque views pass by you. In the night time, it gets even cozier while reading under the headlight.

4. Knit

Knitting is a cool thing to do nowadays and the thought that it’s only for grandmothers is an outdated one. By the time you reach your destination, you could have a whole new garment such as a cap, gloves or socks in your possession. It’s a great way to banish boredom and so is embroidery work.

5. Listen to an audiobook

Listening to music is humdrum and common, something that almost everyone out there does. Instead, you could gain knowledge and have a wonderful experience by listening to an audiobook while enjoying the scenery outside. Record an interesting audiobook on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or MP3 player and listen to it on your way.

6. Check out the pantry

It’s always interesting to sample train food as their taste is something different. Visit the pantry or in-house store and see what the train has to offer your hungry stomach.

7. Get talking

You could put your social skills to use and strike a conversation with your co-passengers, especially when traveling alone. It’s refreshing to talk to a total stranger in real. You never know, you may end up talking to a hot guy who could become your soul mate just like in the iconic romantic movie, ‘Before sunrise.’

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