Cheap Jewelry That Looks Expensive

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Jewelry is the ultimate form of flattery, there is no denying that. Michael Douglas expressed his love for Catherine Zeta-Jone by giving her a $2m wedding ring. It was 2004 when Donald Trump gave a massive $3m, 15 carat diamond ring to Melania Knauss for their engagement, and it was kept no secret, with a public advertisement made by the tycoon himself. Reportedly the most expensive, Paris Hilton’s newest 24 carat emerald-cut diamond wedding ring costs $4.7m. The standards have been set sky high and jewelry is not getting any cheaper. Let’s find out what you can buy for a fraction of the normal prices and still get something that looks like a million dollars!

Costume Jewelry

If you have not yet heard the words “costume jewelry”, you need to get with the times. Costume jewelry, aka imitation jewelry/fashion jewelry is the talk of the town. A big hit with the younger generation, imitation jewelry is gaining momentum in the fashion world. Women around the world prefer imitation jewelry as opposed to the real thing as these are inexpensive, offer jazzy designs and even look like the real jewelry.

Diamonds look alike

If you are someone who likes diamonds, try looking for imitation jewelry that is made of moissanite, rhinestones, cut glass or cubic zirconium. The latest technology in imitation jewelry makes such stones look like real diamonds and makes it impossible to tell the difference at a glance. Even faux diamonds are a cheap alternative to real ones. What’s more exciting, these come in the latest designs, which can be very expensive if you look for its genuine counterpart, especially in designer labels.

Imitation Pearls

Imitation pearls and rice pearls are also proving to be quite a hit. You can buy different shades of pearls to go with different outfits.

Gold plated jewelry

And do we even need to mention the rampant availability of artificial gold plated jewelry that are available in the form of watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings? The trick is to know what you are looking for and to know how good the finish of the artificial jewelry really is. As you get familiar with the different types of imitations out there, you will soon find out that even in fakes, there are different classes. The last thing you’d want is to buy a fake gold watch that matches perfectly with your black dress and then find out that the watch has poor workmanship and poor quality! It would really look nasty if the color starts fading or you have scratches all over the piece. Get familiar with the products and try and get your hands on something that is not too cheap, but cheap enough to replace.

And a lot more

What’s more interesting, the new generation designers have not just stopped at putting up with imitations of the usual gold, pearls or diamonds! Imitation jewelry is pushing boundaries with the use of inexpensive but semi-precious materials like bronze, aluminum, white metal, copper, and other stones. If you are someone who likes to try something different, then there are heaps of non-traditional jewelry out there made of wood, jute, stones, beads, shells and even steel. And if you just thought that these would be pieces that do not go with designer wear, you are wrong! These are very eye-catching and can certainly add jazz to your favorite dresses that may have needed a touch of spice. You are sure to attract attention with such pieces. Young and aspiring designers have even gone to the lengths of using plastics, bone and glass to produce jewelry and accessories that give you a different experience altogether. You can get imitation anklets, brooches, chokers, necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets and even rings that look straight out of a designer’s catalog.

Okay, so here’s the deal. You have something that looks like the real jewelry, feels like real jewelry, is a fraction of the price, and you have lots more variety, designs and creativity. Could you ask for more? Yes. Imitation jewelry does not carry along with them the worries of security and theft. You can leave such pieces anywhere without having to worry about their loss because it is not going to hurt your pocket to go out and buy a few more. So whether you call it costume, imitation, or fashion jewelry, we recommend that you give it a try and get yourself something that looks like a million dollars for next to nothing!

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