7 Things to Do to Pass Time in a Car

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Long road trips are a lot of fun especially when you’re with your gang. However such car journeys can also have gaps of boredom when one doesn’t know what to do and so we have some fillers listed here which you can put to use on your next road trip.

1. Relax with a cold eye bag

It’s not everyday that you get so much of free time to yourself and thus get an opportunity to pamper and relax yourself. Refresh your senses by taking a small nap and placing a cold gel eye bag on your eyes. You could ask for some ice cubes from the stopover restaurant and place the bag inside a cup along with them before placing it on your eyes.

2. Play games

Go the old fashioned way to keep boredom at bay by playing verbal fun games such as Chinese whispers, dumb charades, Challenge, Buzz, 2 truths and a lie, etc. Talking and laughing will make the time fly faster than usual.

3. Surf the net

If you have a net connection on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet then the question of boredom shouldn’t arise since you can occupy yourself by surfing and knowing about anything on this earth. There’s Facebook and Twitter out there, what else do you need?

4. Take pictures

To cure the irritation of boredom you just have to observe the scenery outside or get your friends and family inside and get clicking. There are a number of photography and picture editing apps that can be downloaded for free and you can edit pictures for hours on end.

5. Listen to music

The easiest and commonest path that people take to banish boredom is the path to music. Plug your earphones into an MP3 player, cell phone or iPod and if you are bored of your selection then tune in to the radio. There’s always some interesting jabbering going on there by radio jockeys.

6. Get electronic devices along

Don’t forget to fully charge your electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, laptops and tablets before embarking on a long road trip. They will give you a full supply of songs to listen, movies to view, eBooks to read and the online world to enjoy and stay connected with others.

7. Try writing a short story or poem

Get your creative juices flowing by taking a paper and pen and jotting down your thoughts in the form of a short story, essay or a poem. If the road is too wobbly, you could type away on your mobile phone.

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