11 Great Tips for Runway Modeling

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Modeling can be a great career choice. It is glamorous and keeps you in the limelight. One essential thing that can make or break your modeling dream is your walk down the ramp. We give you some of tips on how to strut your stuff and rule the runway.

1. Be professional

Know that fashion is a business. Make sure you are at your professional best when you are working. Be on time, keep commitments, and be polite.

2. Get the attitude

Modeling is all about attitude. You need not be the prettiest girl but if you have the right attitude, you can be a great runway model. Have confidence in yourself and feel comfortable in your skin.

3. Keep A focused gaze

It will not help if you keep staring here and there when you are on the runway. Look straight ahead and focus on an imaginary point.

4. Have a smart posture

If you slouch and hunch, you will never be able to be a good model. Stand straight with your shoulders at the back. Slouching shows lack of confidence.

5. Watch the feet

Just put one foot in front of the other. Make sure that your toes face outwards. When your footprints form a zigzag, it will give you the natural swing.

6. Get comfortable in heels

If you are not a person who can walk comfortably in high heels, then probably modeling is not for you. You MUST make friends with heels and get comfortable wearing them for long hours.

7. Chin down

Know that the audience is sitting down and looking up at you. So, tilt your chin down slightly to involve them.

8. Open hands

Your nervousness may make you fidget or have a clenched fist. Be aware of this and keep your hands open and fingers visible.

9. Maintain your rhythm

Get in tune with the rhythm. Let the music give you the natural bounce. It will also help you relax if you soak in the music.

10. Mind those turns

Be extremely careful while taking the turns. Be poised and smooth. Know that it is the turn that exhibits the dress that you are wearing.

11. Develop a signature walk

This will come with regular practice. Try to inject your own personality into your walk and it will make it memorable.

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