5 Tips for Making Sushi at Home

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Sushi is a delicate, exquisite Japanese food which requires skill in preparing and constructing it. You generally tend to visit high end classy Japanese restaurants to satisfy their craving for Sushi. Sushi is basically a process by which raw fish is combined with a variety of ingredients. However, the main element of Sushi is Shari which is also referred to as Sushi Meshi or sushi rice. It requires skillful technique in its execution. Here are 5 tips to make Sushi at home.

1. Do not stress if it is your first time

You’re constructing raw fish and rolling it out in equal proportions. With Sushi, even though you first eat with your eyes, you need to bear in mind that since you’re trying it at home, try to get the taste and ingredients right.

2. Ensure that your rice is cooked as required

For Sushi, the rice should not be separable, fine or well drained out. It needs to be sticky and attach to the bottom of the vessel or it might fall apart when you try to combine other ingredients. Sticky rice can be messy. Make sure you restrict your movement in the kitchen.

3. Try not to over stuff your Sushi

Since you’re preparing it for the first time, you need to resist the urge to over stuff your Sushi. With this delicacy less is always more! If you over stuff the ingredients and rice, it might not roll up. If you manage to roll up, all your ingredients will fall apart.

4. Make sure you press them very gently to avoid any damage

Don’t roll up only on certain ends or in the center. You need to apply pressure while rolling the bamboo mat and make sure it is applied on the whole sushi. Don’t press it too hard; if you do, chances are you will end up with deformed looking Sushi.

5. Your Sushi knife must be moist

If you use a dry knife to cut the Sushi rolls, they will lose their moisture. Use a moist knife to cut your Sushi rolls so that they look delicate and cut in equal proportions without altering the appearance.

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