8 Tips to Develop the Fine Art of Seduction

Date:02-06-2013 14:40:10 read:12

Photo Courtesy: Ieva Rakauskaite

Seduction is certainly an art. Some might think that it is easy to get men in bed but it may not be that easy after all. To spice things up a little, you need to use your body as a seductive machine. Here are 8 tips to develop the fine art of seduction.

1. The talk is all in your walk

Walk in a graceful and elegant manner. Make sure when you stand at the bar, your one hip is popping out, making your curves more visible. Walk with your chin up and shoulders stretched out.

2. Be lady-like in your appearance and disposition

Let the man open the car door for you or pull the seat in a restaurant or even usher you in. Allowing him to be more chivalrous will help you get attention.

3. Make sure he watches you while you dress

While you are dressing, especially wearing stockings, remember to slide it up by brushing it against your skin and then glancing at him. This will certainly make him feel invited.

4. Use objects around you to seduce him

You could use regular objects around you, like a soft towel and say how smooth and wet it feels against your skin or make noises while you have ice cream. This will really turn him on.

5. Ask him to zip you up

Even though you can get help from someone else, ask him to zip up your dress. He will have to slide up his hands against your bare back. You may experience some activity in the spur of the moment.

6. Buy sexy lingerie and add more wilderness to your closet

Add animal prints, laces, seductive colors like reds, black and angel white to your lingerie drawer. It will be great fun ripping it off you!

7. Go all dressed in bed than getting more comfortable

Rather than wearing your cute pink pajamas, spice up your nightwear with lacy and satin night gowns. You may not have any on in the morning.

8. Wear a delectable fragrance

Before you see him, use a fruity bathing product or chocolate or coconut cream which will make you look like a delicious treat in bed.

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