8 Quintessential American Desserts

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Although American food is inspired from a quagmire of cultures and draws upon various traditions, there are certain desserts which have its roots in the American culture and tradition. Here are 8 quintessential American desserts.

1. Apple pie

A crumbly pastry crust with the tangerine twist of glazed apples, baked and served with frozen vanilla ice cream is a classic American dessert. People even serve it without the crust, with whipped cream.

2. Cherry tart

Cherry tart or pie with a beautiful crisscross pattern on the top makes it an all time favorite, old-fashioned American dessert. It has rich, tangy cherry compote filling which oozes out when you slide your fork through the pie. The dash of cherry brandy makes it a delicious mouth-watering dessert.

3. New York baked cheesecake

A typical New York baked cheesecake has a buttery, crumbly gram cracker base with a rich, yet light and airy cream cheese filling. In fact, the famous Philadelphia cream cheese is widely used to make cheese cake, sometimes topped with cherry or blueberry compote.

4. Red Velvet cake

This cake looks delectable in its appearance and if you dig in, you will be lost in a sugar high. It’s a triple layered cake with cream cheese or butter cream frosting. It’s prepared with artificial roux icing or the red color. Some bakeries also use beetroot cream coloring to add an authentic flavor. It’s a classic American dessert!

5. Jell-O salad

Jell-O salad is essentially a mound of translucent jelly in flashy colors which may include cream cheese, marshmallows, nuts or cottage cheese. It makes for a great American dessert.

6. Boston cream pie

It’s a rich, decadent chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache, with vanilla cream custard filling inside. Its variations are found in Vienna in the form of Sachertorte. It’s a perfect American dessert originated in Massachusetts.

7. Flag cake

As the name suggests, the cake resembles the American flag. It’s a dessert that marks the celebration of any American patriotic holiday.

8. Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is a traditional American Thanksgiving dessert which is prepared in mostly all American homes to celebrate this holiday festival.

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