5 Morning Skin Care Tips to Follow

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Your skin can be exposed to different temperatures and environments during different times of the day because of which it requires different procedures of skin care. Here are a few skin care tips you should follow as soon as you wake up in the morning.

1. Use tea bags to reduce inflammation and dark circles

If you have had a late night party or a late night at work the previous day, you are likely to wake up with big blotches underneath your eyes the next morning. And this can take away the charm of your face no matter how much you pamper it with cosmetics. To get rid of these unsightly dark circles, use drained tea bags. Dip green tea or chamomile tea bags into warm water to make tea. Lightly squeeze the tea bags and store them in the fridge to make them cool. Dab the cool tea bags on your eyelids and underneath your eyes for a refreshing effect.

2. Wash and cleanse your face

You may have used make up removers or other creams the previous night to keep your skin moisturized. To remove these creams before you go for a shower, use a face wash to cleanse your face. This will make your skin refreshed and give you a jump-start for the day. As you apply the face wash in circular motions on your face, lightly massage your cheeks and your temples. This will increase blood circulation in that area which will act as a wakeup call to your skin cells.

3. Do a few sets of exercises

Your skin care routine for the morning should not only include the use of cosmetics but also a few sets of exercises. Just like your body needs a few warm up exercises to feel rejuvenated and be geared up for the day, your skin needs exercises too. Start off with a few face exercises so that the skin cells on your face feel awoken. Follow it up with a few basic stretching exercises and some downward facing workouts. This will ensure that blood circulation is at optimum levels in your body because of which it will make your skin look fresh and dewy.

4. Use a toner on your skin

You can either use a toner which comes as a part of a cleanser-toner-moisturizer set or pick up a separate brand of toner that you prefer. After you cleanse your face, it is important to use a toner as it balances the pH levels of your skin. This will prepare your skin to absorb all the good properties of moisturizer that you apply later. A toner is an important part of morning skin care routine because it evens your skin out.

5. Moisturize your skin

One of the main reasons you should moisturize your skin after you cleanse and tone, is to lock in your skin’s moisture. If your skin is oily, use lighter moisturizers that have water based formulation. Sleeping with the heater or air conditioner switched on through the night can dehydrate your skin. Cleansing and exfoliating your skin while bathing can further strip your skin off its moisture. Use a moisturizer all over your body to counter these effects and to keep your skin dewy and supple.

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