5 Tips to Overcome Addiction to Fake Eyelashes

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Women always feel the urge to look their best in every small or big occasion, and we often go the extra mile to achieve that. We curl the lashes, tint and perm them, and also apply layers of mascara to make them look gorgeous. Besides, we wear fake eyelashes too. But while we do this, we forget that we are harming those delicate lashes in the long run. With the constant application of the adhesive of the fake lashes, there are chances that your lids will be torn down. The addiction of fake eyelashes can be quite dangerous since it can harm your original lashes, and hence, it is necessary to overcome it. Here are a few tips to overcome addiction to fake eyelashes.

1. Apply mascara

The purpose of fake eyelashes is for the eyes to look big and beautiful. If you are an addict of fake lashes and want to overcome that problem, then one of the best alternatives or solutions is to apply mascara. You get good quality mascara in the market, which enhances your lashes and makes them luscious and bouncy too. With such mascaras, you will not feel the need to wear the fake lashes at all.

2. Curl the lashes

Your eye makeup does not look complete when you have not curled your lashes. Women with minimal lashes face a lot of issues to make their eyes look fuller. Hence, a lot of them go for fake eyelashes. But you can avoid them by getting a curler. With a curler, you can curl your lashes easily at any time, and make them look long and beautiful.

3. Apply minimal eye makeup

It is not necessary to make your eyes look dramatic all the time, on every occasion. In some cases, the ‘no makeup look’ suits the best. Keep your eyes fresh by keeping them nude. Do not dab kohl or liner to accentuate them. The more natural they look, the more beautiful and fresh you will appear.

4. Realize how hurtful fake eyelashes are

One of the major reasons for you to overcome your addiction is to realize that they are hurtful for your eyes. The gum that the manufacturers provide is very harmful, and can destroy your eyelids in the long run. Moreover, sometimes, the fake lashes you carry can wear off at any situation, making you feel embarrassed in front of your social group or friends. Keep yourself away from such a sticky situation by keeping your eyelashes natural.

5. Keep in mind that they are not a quick fix

Fake eyelashes are quite a time consuming affair. Imagine you are getting late and your addiction to fake eyelashes is making the situation worse. Wearing fake eyelashes can be a drag, as it takes a lot of time and preparation before you apply it. And if not applied perfectly, it can give up on you the moment you step out of the house. Therefore, save your time by staying naturally beautiful.

It is highly important to feel comfortable in whatever you wear, so that you can put your best foot forward in a party or a conference. Overdoing your makeup can act as a spoiler a lot of times. You can be expressive with your lovely eyes naturally, and you do not necessarily need some fake eyelashes to make you look beautiful. It is up to your natural charm and wit, on how you carry yourself in front of your peers and competitors.

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