8 Tips to Handle a Talkative Coworker

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Having a talkative coworker in the office can be very distracting and may affect your output and overall productivity. We give you some of the ways in which you can handle such a team member.

1. Keep your door closed

If you have a cabin with a door, then it could work if you simply start keeping your door closed. It will reduce the incoming noise and would also make the coworker think twice before knocking at your door time and again.

2. Make an imaginary call

If you have a phone at your desk, it could come to your rescue. Whenever your talkative coworker starts conversing with you, excuse yourself by saying that you need to make an important phone call. Just dial some random number and pretend that you are busy talking to someone else.

3. Have an intervention

Make others around you aware of your discomfort. Chances are that they feel equally annoyed with that coworker. If that is the case, then you could all set up a meeting with the person and voice your concerns. Make sure you are firm but polite. The coworker should not feel that he or she is being ganged up on.

4. Keep your replies short

Another thing that you can try is to reply with a simple “yes” or “no”. Do not engage in lengthy conversation with interrogatives like “why” or “how”. Just keep your replies short and simple so as to not give a reason for the coworker to continue the chat.

5. Make a schedule and let the coworker know

Set aside some 10-15 minutes a day for interacting with that coworker. Talk to him and her about the fixed duration that you have set for idle conversations and gossip. Every time he/she tries to talk to you remind them that you will get back to them at the decided time. Let them know that you need to stick to the schedule in order to finish your targets for the day.

6. Talk it out

If you feel that the talkative employee is not paying heed to your indirect hints, try being firm with him/her. You could talk to them in a more relaxed environment like the cafeteria and tell them how you feel distracted with constant interactions. Let them know how busy you are and that you need to give your work some undivided attention.

7. Ask your seniors for help

If the above mentioned tips do not work, then you could try seeking help from your boss or the higher management. Make them aware of the fact that you are unable to concentrate on your work. You could request them to change your seat.

8. Zone out

If none of these things work, then it is best to simply not pay attention to what the coworker is saying. Just go about your work and try to ignore the person. This may seem difficult at first but if you continue to practice it, things will eventually get easier for you. You cannot afford to have your work and productivity suffer because of someone else’s behavior.

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