7 Reasons Why Sex is Important in a Relationship

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While it is true that sex is not the only thing that makes or breaks a great relationship, it is also a fact that sex does play a big role in maintaining a healthy relation with your significant other. Here are a few reasons why sex is essential in a relationship.

1. Stress-release

Sex acts as a stress-buster because the act floods the brain with chemicals that relax it. It helps in dulling pain and making you calmer.

2. A boost to your ego

Men or women, we all have egos. Knowing that your partner finds you attractive and thinks that you are sexy is a big ego-booster. It creates a healthy body-image and gives you a confidence boost.

3. A way to strengthen your relationship

When you indulge in a sexual act with someone, it is an extremely intimate experience, and more importantly, it is a shared experience. This enhances your level of intimacy with each other and solidifies the bond.

4. An experience beyond the act itself

Though you feel extremely intimate and close to your partner when you are actually having sex, its affects are far more lasting. Women feel a surge of emotional intimacy after they have sex with someone. Even long after you have had sex with a guy, you still feel connected to him.

5. A way to convey your love to someone

One of the most obvious reasons is that making love to someone is a great way to let them know how much you care and feel for them. To some people it is very reassuring and gives them faith that the other person is committed to the relationship.

6. Keeps the magic alive

Being in a long-term relationship or being married may sometimes lead to a drop in romance. A great way to bring the sparks back into a relationship is by experimenting with new things in bed. Reigniting the passion in the bedroom could go a long way in restoring the magic.

7. Keeps you together

In several cases, an unsatisfactory sex life is the reason behind breakups or divorces. Also, it is the prime reason behind infidelity. If your partner is not happy with you in bed, he or she would be tempted to seek satisfaction elsewhere and this could spell doom for your relation.

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