8 Awesome Ways to Reignite Romance With Your Boyfriend

Date:07-06-2013 14:40:09 read:6

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There comes a phase in every relationship when you may feel that the romance has taken a backseat. But it is never too late to rekindle that feeling. Here are some ways to reignite romance with your boyfriend.

1. Write romantic notes

If you have been living together for a while, post-it notes could go a long way in reigniting your love. Write something nice and romantic on a post-it and put it in places that your boyfriend least expects. Even a simple “I love you” or “Take care” can do the trick.

2. Hold hands

Remember when you two just started dating and you just could not stop holding each other’s hand? Revisit those moments and hold each other’s hand while you go take long romantic walks.

3. Make it personal

What works for one guy may not work for the other. Do not simply ape your friends when it comes to giving him a surprise gift or making a romantic gesture. Make it personal and do something that only the two of you know the value of.

4. Think out of the box

There have been enough of red roses, cards and mixed CDs. It is time to get creative and think something out of the box. Make him feel special by doing something you know he likes.

5. Compliment him

Appreciation goes a long way and there isn’t anyone who does not like to be complimented. However, it is important to give genuine and heartfelt compliments. Make sure you do not take your guy for granted.

6. Try something new

Doing something new together would be a refreshing change for both of you. You could join a salsa class or go for some adventure sport. It will not only break the monotony but will also give you a chance to spend some quality time with each other.

7. Embrace the child in you

Tickle each other, have breakfast in bed, have a pillow fight, or just rent a cartoon film and watch it together. Do not shy away from doing “silly” things.

8. Be a good listener

Your boyfriend may drop hints here and there as to what he likes or dislikes. Make sure you listen intently and use it as a chance to gift him something that he truly wants. He will sure;y adore you for it.

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