World’s 6 Most Loved Cuisines

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The food culture of different places have their distinct identity. They are liked by some while some others don’t find them as interesting. But there are some cuisines that appeal to food lovers all around the globe. Here is a list of the world’s 6 most loved cuisines.

1. Italian cuisine

The authentic Italian feast includes pasta and pizza. They have popularized these delicacies, created a mélange of flavors and aromas which are now widely available all around the globe. Italy is renowned for 400 kinds of cheese and 300 varieties of sausages. Italian recipes have a strong historical foundation and traditional recipes which are inherited by Italian families.

2. French cuisine

French cuisine is classic, refined and elegant in its appearance and taste. The French have mastered the art of culinary technique. The French patisseries create the most exquisite pastries, cakes and chocolates. Cheese and wine are found predominantly in different parts of France. Those who love cheese and wine, France is the place to be!

3. Japanese

Japanese have created unique flavor combinations in their delicacies. With rice, soy, the Sushi culture, classic and exquisite presentation style and experimentation with different kinds of sea food itself, Tokyo, the capital of Japan has over 150 top-ranked restaurants in the world.

4. Indian

Indian cuisine is rustic, rich, created as a result of sheer love and passion for cooking. Due to its multilingual fabric, there are ample varieties of cuisine that it has to offer. The food is generally spicy and suffused with classic flavors and aroma. This cuisine includes diverse preparations in vegetarian food.

5. Chinese

Among the Asian cuisine, the Chinese have created a niche in the culinary world. It offers a variety of ingredients and distinctive flavors. The Chinese have a very traditional way of having their food and mostly use chopsticks which many others tend to juggle with. No matter where you go, you will always find a cart serving noodles and egg rolls thanks to the popularity of the Chinese cuisine.

6. Thai

The use of coconut milk and aromatic preparations dominate the Thai cuisine. They are well renowned for their rice preparations, style of presentation and delightful curries. The cuisine is also marked by its use of unique ingredients like lemon grass, ginger, honey and fresh cilantro. The sea food prepared by Thai chefs is certainly meant to die for!

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