9 Great Ways to Cook Eggs

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As difficult it sounds to handle them, eggs are sometimes easier to cook than anything else. Certain kinds require culinary expertise while there are some where you can just throw in the ingredients, break the egg and create something spectacular. Here are 9 great ways to cook eggs.

1. Over-easy

You need to cook one side on a hot pan with a little bit of oil or butter. Once it is completely done, you flip and cook for just few seconds. Only one side is well cooked.

2. Florentine

This beautiful looking American breakfast is served by splitting an English muffin in two halves with poached eggs and bacon on each served with hollandaise sauce. They are also referred to as Egg benedict.

3. Poached eggs

Poaching eggs is a tricky technique. You need to bring the water to boil and then let it simmer to 180 degrees. Crack the egg in simmering water and cook it till it’s poached. Maintaining the right amount of heat is essential to poaching.

4. Sunny Side up

You crack the egg on the pan in a manner that the yolk does not split and stays in the center. The bottom has to cook better than the up-side.

5. Omelet

Omelets are whisked in a bowl with chopped onions, herbs, vegetables and different kinds of meat with cheese. There are varieties of omelets that are served as breakfast in different places. The mixture is spread on the pan and cooked well with oil or butter.

6. Scrambled eggs

Unlike poached eggs or sunny side-up, you crack the egg in pan and stir continuously till it’s cooked well.

7. Shirred eggs

These eggs are baked in an oven-safe cup with a little butter placed on top till they are cooked well.

8. Hard-boiled eggs

These eggs are cooked for several minutes in boiling water without cracking them. After they are boiled, you peel off the shell and have cooked white and yolk.

9. Soft-boiled eggs

These eggs are cooked using the same technique as hard-boiled eggs. However, they are only cooked for few minutes. When you crack it open, the white is still a little liquid and yolk is slightly runny too.

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