6 Simple Dishes to Bring to a Pot Luck

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Are you tensed regarding your next potluck party? Are you in a fix regarding the dishes you will make? Well, do not fret; there are many simple dishes which can make your potluck interesting. And, you do not need extra time to prepare those dishes. Listed below are some of them, read on.

1. Broccoli and grape salad

This dish can be prepared in a jiffy for a potluck meal. Cut the broccoli and mix grapes in the favorite salad seasoning of your choice. Add salty bacon to enhance the taste of the salad. Voila! Your dish in ready in five minutes!

2. Black bean casserole

Make a tomato bean mixture and layer it in a dish. Top this with tortillas and cheese. Complete the portion with small shredded lettuce, onions and green olives. Now, add some sour cream and cheese on top. Bake this till the cheese melts. Get ready to receive some wonderful compliments for this dish at the party.

3. Creamy layered potatoes

Potatoes always come handy to prepare a simple dish. Place fried potato circles in a dish. Now, add some mayo or cream on top. Add parsley or basil leaves. Add some mixed Italian spices on the dish. Add some black pepper and salt and layer it with cheese. This would definitely be an instant attraction at your party, simple yet yummy.

4. Macaroni and cheese

Macaroni recipes are always relished at a potluck party. Just boil the macaroni and toss it up in white sauce. Now, add some cheese and seasonings to the dish. Toss it and add some basil leaves. Your dish is ready in fifteen minutes. So, are you ready for the party yet?

5. Spinach dips with artichoke

Dips and spreads have really become popular at potluck parties. It is less time consuming and it tastes great. Boil artichokes and spinach in water. Blanch it and then blend it. In a bowl, add some sour cream with mixed herbs. Now, mix the cream with spinach and artichokes paste. Your dip is ready for the guests. Top it up with garlic powder. The dip can be served with fresh bread or tortilla chips.

6. Banoffee pie

How about making a sweet dish for the potluck party? Banoffee is a simple dessert which can be prepared in no time. Take a bowl, add some dulce de leche (thickened condensed milk), now place some banana slices on the top. Keep it in the fridge for an hour. Now, add some sweet cream and top it up with chocolate flakes. Put this in your refrigerator and let it set. Remove it from the refrigerator while going to the party.

Hope you make these dishes for your next potluck party!

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