6 Tips to Give Yourself Positive Affirmations

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The way you think and the things that you tell yourself consciously or subconsciously on a daily basis can be a determining factor for your mental makeup. If you purposefully give yourself positive affirmations every day, you will be motivated to overcome failure and increase self-confidence. Here are a few tips you can use to give yourself positive affirmations.

1. Start all your sentences with positive action words

Giving affirmations is all about feeding positive action words in your mind. Every time you are about to start a task, verbally affirm that you will be able to perform that task successfully. Use phrases including I can, I want and I will. This will give you a jump-start to accomplish things with a positive mindset. And once you start off on a good note, you will be driven to complete your task successfully.

2. Read a positive quotable quote every day

You can give yourself positive affirmations by reading a motivational quote every single day. Keep a book of quotes on topics like success, inspiration, hard work, perseverance, hope and destiny on your bedside. When you wake up every morning, reach straight for the book and read one quote aloud. You can also subscribe to quotable quotes online to get your daily dose of inspiration via email.

3. Accomplish one small thing every day

If you back up your verbal positive affirmations by accomplishing a small goal on a daily basis, it will make your affirmations stronger. Set a small task to be performed every day. By the end of one month, you will see that you have actually accomplished a lot. This will help you to see the power of positive affirmations and you will be able to use them more effectively.

4. Keep your affirmations visually accessible

It is important to have visual access to your positive affirmations. A strong visual impact can help you remember your affirmations and goals more effectively than merely saying them aloud each morning. Write your affirmations on a sticky note, an index card or a sheet of paper and stick them at places that you are likely to glance at repeatedly. Use your kitchen shelf or your bedside desk to stick notes so that you are reminded of your affirmations every time you dart your eyes around.

5. Hide your trump card in your purse

You may use plenty of phrases as positive affirmations in the form of short phrases, quotable quotes or action words. But there has to be one phrase that you can read aloud just before you venture out for an important event. That affirmation should be a crisp summary of all your positive affirmations. It should motivate you in one straight shot. Use phrases like ‘You are the best’, ‘Conquer the world’, ‘I am invincible’ on a note that you can hide in your purse and glance at, every time you need an adrenaline surge.

6. Ask a friend to help you with your affirmations

If you feel more motivated by receiving compliments from another person instead of using affirmations on yourself, ask a friend for help. Tell that friend to leave you an inspiring note or to remind you of your strength on a regular basis.

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